Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we have your answers. Our workplace safety experts are here to address your most frequently asked questions.


Certificates are delivered to your email address upon completion of the training and a passing score on the final exam. Our virtual platform also saves the certificates so that they can be retrieved at any time.

There is no limit as to how many times your employees can take the final examination; however, we suggest a review of the entire course after three failed attempts. 

Your employees need to get at least 70% of the questions correct to pass the final exam and obtain the certificate.
Most safety certificates are only valid for a specified period of time to ensure top of the mind awareness. Depending on the certification, employees will be required to take a refresher training within the certificate’s validity period to maintain compliance.
Our courses address federal workplace safety standards and cover state-specific requirements for workplaces within Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Employee safety training requirements may differ from state to state and from industry to industry. If you are moving states or changing industries, you may be subject to additional training.

Employers who register their personnel will have the ability to track employee learning progress and review exam results.

Alternatively, individuals who book and pay for their own training have the option of not sharing any information related to their learning progress and results with their employer.

Our trainings are designed for you to learn and succeed. You will have an unlimited number of opportunities to complete the final exam. Each pre-recorded class allows you to review segments of the teaching to identify the answers to all exam questions.

Online Safety Training

In order to register for a training please make sure to go to the events section to review our training event dates, once you have settled on a date and time make sure to click “enroll now”. The link will guide you to our payment getaway. Once you have successfully enrolled on a course you will receive an email with the training details and a link for you to access the class. Our system will send you reminders prior to the course date so you are able to download the video conference system in advance.

If you have any questions regarding our enrollment process, please make sure to contact us.

We are happy to customize training curriculums that meet your organization’s specific needs. Please contact us and let us know how we can assist with your training goals.
Payments can be completed online with debit cards, credit cards, or bank transfer.
You will need a computer with internet connection, speakers or headphones, and an email account for registration.
Online courses are available 24/7 and can be started and completed at your convenience.

We offer live, instructor-led classes. These are usually the courses that must be instructor-led per federal requirements.

Once the class is underway, it must be completed within 24 hours of commencement.
We offer customized solutions for employers who have a minimum of 10 employees requiring training, or for those who want to purchase multiple courses.

On-site Safety Training

Although we primarily focus on companies within Arizona, Nevada and Utah, we are happy to discuss your specific needs and determine if we can design an on-site training schedule for your workplace.

There is no set limit for the maximum number of trainees per on-site training. However, a class size that does not exceed 25-30 participants allows for better instructor-to-student interaction and helps to ensure that students understand and retain the training they are receiving.

For companies with larger workforces, we tailor a schedule to include multiple training sessions during the on-site visit so all employees who require training are accommodated.

On-site training packages are discussed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the number of trainees and courses booked.
We are open to creating custom, on-site training solutions that meet your company’s specific requirements. Please contact us and let us know about your training needs.

DOT Compliance Training

The requirements for DOT training differ from workplace to workplace and are determined by federal, state, and industry jurisdictions. Thus, it is important that employers and employees work on choosing the right type of DOT training together.

For more information about each of our DOT courses, please visit the DOT Compliance Training page.

We offer online and offline site audits to ensure your company is equipped to handle an official audit conducted by DOT. Visit our DOT Site Audit page for more details and contact us to schedule a convenient time for your audit.
Preparing for a real audit by DOT might seem a bit intimidating. Thus, our main goal is to help your company mitigate safety issues and problems well before the DOT comes to inspect your site. No prior preparations are needed before we come to your company site. On the contrary, it is our goal to ensure that your company, documentation, and staff are entirely DOT-compliant and up-to-date.