DOT-Compliant Breath Alcohol Technician Training

We provide Breath Alcohol Technician Training compliant with DOT regulations. Enroll in online or on-site courses and study with certified BAT instructors.

Why Do You Need Alcohol Breath Testing Training?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires companies to administer breath alcohol testing in a variety of situations. Alcohol tests may be necessary when a manager suspects alcohol use on the job, or if a worker is involved in a workplace accident, or if an employee is selected for a random test.

The process for alcohol testing is outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 and must be followed precisely for every DOT-required test. In addition, anyone conducting DOT-mandated alcohol testing must receive comprehensive training to qualify as a Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). The BAT’s role is critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the DOT alcohol testing program.

Why take our Breath Alcohol Training Certification?

Our Breath Alcohol Technician Training will prepare BATs to conduct alcohol testing in accordance with DOT procedures. The course includes, hands-on demonstration and practice of the breath alcohol testing process. After completing our course, BATs will be able to operate a breath testing device and conduct alcohol tests from start to finish.

BAT certification consists of two parts: Rules and Regulations training and Device Proficiency training.

The Rules and Regulations training is an in-depth overview of the 49 CFR Part 40 Rules and Regulations related to alcohol testing procedures. This training explains the BAT’s responsibilities in the testing process. The process also outlines the following:

  • Steps to properly conduct an alcohol test
  • Instructions for filling out the Federal Alcohol Testing Form (ATF)
  • Skills to effectively address potential testing problems
  • Methods of managing flaws in the testing process
With Device Proficiency training, BATs learn how to use a breath alcohol testing device. To pass the second part of the course, trainees must demonstrate their proficiency with the equipment to the BAT instructor either in-person or online via a web camera.

Our Types of Breath Alcohol Technician Trainings

We offer online and on-site Breath Alcohol Technician Trainings to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules.

On-site Training

If your company is located in Arizona, Nevada, or Utah, our experienced BAT instructors will come to your site and conduct the Breath Alcohol Technician Training for your employees in a live setting.

Online Training

Cater to your employees’ schedule, we also offer the Breath Alcohol Technician Training online. Our convenient online platform will allow you to track your employee’s training progress wherever they are.

Get Started with Breath Alcohol Training and Certification

Our Breath Alcohol Technician Training is delivered by certified BAT instructors, knowledgeable in every aspect of the DOT Regulations. Get started with our course today to prevent alcohol use on the job and cultivate a safe, alcohol-free workspace.