Professional Site Safety Consultants

Our site safety consultants will conduct an audit of your workplace to identify any safety breaches and ensure you are well prepared for any DOT or FMCSA inspections.

The Importance Of Safety Audit Services

DOT regulations cover a myriad of industries throughout Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. If your company utilizes commercial vehicles that are 10,000-lbs. or more, chances are these rules apply to your organization.

DOT typically carries out compliance audits after a road accident or road violation. In order to be prepared for an inspection, your company must have the proper documentation ready for your DOT inspector’s visit, and the correct safety procedures in place.

At Protected At Work, we want to help make sure that your company is prepared well in advance for a potential DOT audit. In order to do this, we will conduct a full site audit to determine the state of your company’s safety and compliance.

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What To Expect From Our Site Visit & Safety Audit Consultants

We believe it’s always best to be well prepared for any scenario, which is why we strongly suggest you undergo an on-site audit with Protected At Work to ensure your company is equipped to handle a DOT audit. This way, if a roadside incident or violation does occur, you will be more than ready for their visit.

If your company uses commercial vehicles that weigh 10,000lbs or more, you are susceptible to an on, or off-site visit—regardless of whether or not you are considered a trucking company.

Our thorough safety audit services begin with an evaluation of your company’s overall safety performance. We do this by reviewing and assessing your:

  • Generally Required DOT Driver Documentation & Files
  • Driver Qualifications & Requirements
  • DOT Requirements & Operational Components
  • Commercial Vehicles for DOT Compliance
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • SMS Scores
  • MCS-150
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures & System
  • Administrative, Insurance & Financial Responsibility Files
  • Accident Registration Files
  • Shipping Documents
  • Hours of Service
  • Safety Management Controls
  • Hazardous Materials

… and a number of other important documents and processes.

These audits are extremely beneficial because they can highlight problematic areas which you may be unaware of, but could be discovered during a DOT site audit. That’s why it is imperative to be prepared in advance with safety audit services to address any issues before DOT or the FMCSA does.

Once our site safety consultants have completed the detailed audit, we will formulate a custom plan for your organization based on our findings.

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While preparing for a real audit might seem a bit intimidating, we help companies mitigate safety issues and problems with our site safety audits. It’s a great opportunity for you to get a professional’s perspective and address and correct any site safety concerns. This will give you greater peace of mind knowing that, if something were to happen, your company, documentation, and staff are entirely ready and up-to-date.

If we notice areas of concern while conducting our inspection, we have additional on-site, or online courses for DOT safety training, OSHA compliance, and MSHA training for you to choose from.

By collaborating with Protected At Work, you’ll help ensure your employees, and our roads are kept safe. If you’d like a site audit, or a tailored training package, contact us today.