Professional OSHA Fall Prevention Training by certified instructors

We provide regulated 8-hour OSHA Fall Prevention Training to minimize the occurrence of fall-related accidents on your work site.

Why Do You Need OSHA Fall Prevention Training?

Falls are amongst the most common causes of severe injuries and fatalities in the workplace. To minimize the occurrence of falls on jobsites, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces specific fall protection standards that organizations across various industries must comply with.

OSHA provides multiple ways in which employers can ensure their workers’ are protected from falls. It supplies methods to safely use guardrail systems, safety nets, and fall protection systems. As well as the implementation of safe work practices and provision of sufficient fall protection training.

What are the OSHA Fall Prevention requirements?

OSHA mandates that employers establish proper fall protection systems on job sites that prevent workers from falling off of elevated work platforms or into holes in the floor and walls.

Companies bear the responsibility for setting up proper fall protection at elevations of:

  • 4 feet in general industry organizations
  • 5 feet in shipyards
  • 6 feet in construction sites
  • 8 feet in longshoring operations.

Additionally, fall protection systems are necessary when employees are working over hazardous equipment and machinery, irrespective of the fall distance.

OSHA also requires that organizations provide a compliant training program for every worker who might be exposed to fall hazards.

Why take our 8-Hour OSHA Fall Prevention Course?

Professional training in hazard recognition and safe use of fall protection systems is an integral part of successful fall protection programs. Our 8-hour Fall Prevention Course addresses the OSHA fall protection requirements and thoroughly explains when and how to use fall protection.

Upon course completion, trainees will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize and prevent hazards associated with dangers of falling, including:

  • OSHA requirements for working at heights
  • Hazards of working at elevated work platforms
  • Pre-planning for fall protection
  • Selection and use of proper fall protection equipment
  • Avoiding falling objects and struck-by hazards
  • Correct use of ladders, scaffolds, guardrails, safety nets, and other fall protection systems
  • Personal fall arrest
  • And more
Our courses are taught by seasoned instructors with years of field experience in preventing fall hazards and thoroughly proficient in OSHA Fall Protection regulations.

Our Types of OSHA Fall Prevention Trainings

We offer flexible arrangements to cater to different schedules and learning preferences. Choose between our online and on-site course offerings and study in the way that is most convenient for your employees.

On-site Training

If your company is located within Arizona, Nevada, or Utah we are able to visit you on-site. Our instructors will deliver the 8-hour OSHA Fall Prevention Course at a time and place that works best for you and your employees.

Online Training

Our virtual courses offer trainees the flexibility to study at their own pace at a time and setting that works best for them. The lessons are pre-recorded and present a great alternative to in-person trainings.
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OSHA Fall Prevention Training is not only required, but is crucial to protect your employee’s lives from fall-related accidents. Our hands-on 8-Hour Fall Prevention Course is fully compliant with OSHA standards and is taught by expert instructors. Contact us to get started with the course and take the first step in ensuring the safety of your workers from fall hazards.