Stay Prepared With Thorough Heat Prevention Training

Through heat prevention training, our team of experts will teach your employees about the importance of understanding the negative effects of over exposure to heat, how to prevent illnesses, exhaustion, and stress caused by overheating at work.

Why Is Heat Illness Prevention Training Important?

In an effort to minimize the chances of workplace incidents, OSHA introduced their Heat Illness Prevention campaign in 2011 to help educate employees and owners about the effects and risks associated with working in hot conditions. Since its launch, millions of people have learned about the risks associated with heat, how to stay safe, and how to prevent heat-related illnesses from occurring.

At PAW, we aim to contribute to this initiative and reduce the amount of workplace incidents caused by heat by offering a comprehensive heat prevention training course for supervisors and employees.

Through successful collaboration with organizations like yours, we are able to educate staff members who work in hot conditions—whether they’re indoors or outdoors—about the many side effects that can occur because of heat. The more people we can reach and train through our heat related illness prevention program, the more successful we’ll be at reducing the chances of workplace incidents.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to have your staff members educated and trained in all workplace safety hazard areas including heat. Regardless of the employee’s physical well-being or age, anyone can be affected while working in hot conditions.

Do your employees have the correct heat prevention education and training they need?

Our Types Of OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Training

In order to accommodate all types of work schedules, we offer two types of heat prevention training courses for those who work in hot environments: online or on-site instruction.

On-site Training

Heat illnesses can impact workers across many different types of industries. If your workplace is located in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona, our team is ready to accommodate your schedule by travelling to your business for in-person sessions.

Online Training

Scheduling in-person training session for your supervisors and employees can be difficult to arrange, which is why we offer an extensive online heat illness prevention course that enables your personnel to work at their own pace when timing allows. Once finished with their virtual training, your staff will receive a certification of completion in their inbox. If you’d like to keep up with their progress, you can easily track their training status through our curated platform.
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What To Expect From Our Heat Illness Prevention Training

If your organization has personnel working under extreme heat conditions, it is—according to OSHA law—your obligation as an employer to ensure your staff members are well trained and educated in all areas of workplace hazards and safety. This includes heat illness prevention. By registering for our heat prevention program, your supervisors and employees will learn about:
  • All of the heat-related illnesses that can occur
  • The correct prevention strategies to ensure everyone stays safe and unaffected while working in excessively warm working conditions
  • Identifying heat-related illness symptoms in themselves and others
  • How-to contact medical services in case of an emergency
  • Setting up proper workplace practices for new and existing employees to keep them safe from heat illnesses
  • Correct work-to-rest cycles and when the chances of heat exhaustion or heat-related illnesses are at their highest
  • The proper fluid consumption guidelines to help prevent heat exhaustion or other illnesses
  • Handling emergency heat-related situations
  • The importance of taking scheduled and needed breaks in cooler areas

Start With OSHA Prevention Training Today

By working together and educating your staff about the risks associated with heat, we can truly create safer working environments for everyone and drastically reduce the risk of workplace incidents. If you’d like to join other satisfied workers we’ve trained through our heat illness prevention course, get in touch with us today.

Additionally, we can create a tailored package to meet your needs based on any of our OSHA, MSHA, or DOT trainings.