Prior to the 1920s, cannabis was a legal drug used for a variety of purposes in America. But during that decade, sentiment began to shift, and Congress started passing bills designed to protect the public from what it deemed poisonous pharmaceuticals. By 1934, most states […]

A Look at New Federal Bills Affecting Public Safety

“Public safety” is a broad and often contentious topic that involves several governmental roles and responsibilities. Defined by Goodwin University as “protecting the public” and “safeguarding people from crimes, disaster, and other potential dangers and threats,” public safety requires policies that are objective, rational, and considerate of […]

OSHA Vaccine Mandate Update

The Biden administration’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccination initiatives have met with an onslaught of resistance in the form of legal actions and many outright refusals to comply. From states banding together to file joint lawsuits to military personnel opting to face discharge rather than receive shots, […]

Does the Increase in Road Fatalities Threaten Public Safety?

While world governments have focused much attention on Covid-related deaths, a lethal new crisis has quietly emerged in America – a startling spike in traffic fatalities. In its October-issued Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities for the First Half of 2021, the National Highway Traffic […]

Hiring Dilemma Plaguing America’s Roadways

Critical Driver Shortages & Hiring Obstacles Hurting Transport System Before the Covid pandemic disrupted every aspect of life in the US, the trucking world was facing a shortage of roughly 61,500 drivers. In recent weeks that number has spiked drastically. Now the industry is struggling […]

MSHA’s Mandate Position and Explanations

MSHA’s Stance & Position On the Vaccine Mandate – Details   As part of an unprecedented national effort to decrease the spread of Covid-19, the Biden administration passed two highly controversial measures — Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees and […]

Vaccine Mandate Legal Processes – Update

Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits and Court Actions Pending & In Process   From federal agencies and military branches to large private companies, millions of employees have been caught up in the tangle of the Biden administration’s sweeping vaccine mandates. The two controversial orders in question are […]