THC ~ Delta 8, Delta 9, & Delta 10 ~ What’s the Difference?

Researchers still debate how many species the cannabis plant is divided into. Some claim there’s only one – Cannabis sativa. Others insist Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis are distinct species. Between all three, there are over 700 strains and hybrids on the market today. Strains are named by […]

Are Mining Fatalities Increasing in 2022?

Historically, mining has always been incredibly dangerous. For as long as mining operations have existed, the mining profession has been dogged by frequent worker mishaps occasionally leading to fatalities. Indeed, mining is often cited as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world because […]

Oral Fluid Vs. Urine Drug Testing – Which is Better?

The pros and cons of introducing oral fluid drug testing to the transportation industry. In the world of commercial vehicle operation, drug testing is a vital part of public safety. As Occupational & Environmental Medicine points out, some truckers may rely on drugs to help keep […]


Prior to the 1920s, cannabis was a legal drug used for a variety of purposes in America. But during that decade, sentiment began to shift, and Congress started passing bills designed to protect the public from what it deemed poisonous pharmaceuticals. By 1934, most states […]

A Look at New Federal Bills Affecting Public Safety

“Public safety” is a broad and often contentious topic that involves several governmental roles and responsibilities. Defined by Goodwin University as “protecting the public” and “safeguarding people from crimes, disaster, and other potential dangers and threats,” public safety requires policies that are objective, rational, and considerate of […]

OSHA Vaccine Mandate Update

The Biden administration’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccination initiatives have met with an onslaught of resistance in the form of legal actions and many outright refusals to comply. From states banding together to file joint lawsuits to military personnel opting to face discharge rather than receive shots, […]