OSHA Training That Leaves An Impact

Our experienced trainers specialize in developing company cultures that prioritize safety within the workplace through online and on-site OSHA trainings.

The Power of OSHA Safety Training

During the last half of the century, the effects of OSHA safety training have made an enormous impact on workplace safety. Since 1970, the average number of worker deaths per day has decreased from 38 to 15. Workplace injuries have also seen a significant reduction – down from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers to 2.8. This improvement in workplace safety is the direct result of increasing situational awareness and educating employees about safety protocols through OSHA and their state partners’ efforts. During our years as professional trainers in workplace safety, our team at Protected At Work has seen the positive effects of OSHA training emerge.
By equipping businesses with the knowledge to create safer working environments, we’ve seen increased employee satisfaction and morale with fewer workplace accidents. Financial benefits are often commonly attributed to trainings as well, as businesses enjoy substantial savings by having fewer workplace accidents. Ultimately, our mission with OSHA Trainings is to help businesses satisfy state and federal training requirements while positively impacting employees’ lives. If your company has employees who face hazards on the job, we urge you to reach out to us to develop a customized training plan that is right for your company.

How Does Our Training Work?

We know how busy your employee’s work schedule can be and how difficult it can be to integrate OSHA safety training into the workday. That’s why we allow you to select the method of receiving training that works best for your business. We offer two ways of receiving our trainings:

On-Site Training

Having an instructor on-site to conduct your OSHA training courses brings a level of personalization and care that is unmatched with any other style of training. Our team of instructors is on hand and ready to travel to wherever your business is located to create a classroom experience at the location of your choosing.

By conducting on-site training, your employees will gain all the benefits of a personalized experience while also saving the time required to travel to off-site training.

Virtual Trainings

We know it can be a challenge to coordinate schedules and match availability so that all the team members can participate in training at the same time. That is why we have pre-recorded most of our trainings to create a virtual OSHA Compliance Training experience. You can browse through our broad selection of OSHA training course offerings to select the trainings that are suitable for your business. Your employees will then be able to partake in their training at the time that best aligns with their schedule.

Our Training Courses

Currently, our on-site and virtual trainings consist of five different courses:
With the option to choose either a 10 or 30-hour program, the OSHA Outreach Training Program will provide your employees with a basic understanding of common safety and health hazards on the job while also diving into advanced topics.
Statistics have shown that falls are the leading cause of death in construction. With our Fall Prevention Plan, we aim to demonstrate these falls are preventable while giving employees the knowledge to recognize hazards on the job and the training to get the job done safely.
Employees exposed to high temperatures need to understand the physical limitations of their bodies. Our Heat Illness Prevention Program guides high-risk employees on how frequently they need to take breaks, drink water, and find shade. The program also informs employees on how to plan their day around these necessities.
This program covers the general OSHA requirements for Personal Protective Equipment. It also provides in-depth insight into the different types of PPE and their proper usage. We advise that any company required by OSHA to reduce employee exposure to hazards undergo this training to stay up-to-date with the latest safety practices.

Our Emergency Action Plan training ensures employees are never caught by surprise in the event of an emergency. By providing guidelines and encouraging awareness of surroundings, this training gives step-by-step instructions on how to plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations.

Get Started With OSHA Compliance Training

If you are looking to create a safer work environment for your employees please contact us directly.

In addition to OSHA compliance training, we offer MSHA and DOT courses and we would be happy to discuss the creation of a tailor-made package that satisfies your business requirements. We can’t wait to create a safer working environment with you.