PAW’s Community Pledge: Providing Food To Those In Need

Our team at Protected At Work puts immense emphasis and work into helping communities, which is why we pledge to give back in any way we can through our CSR efforts.

Our Pledge

At Protected At Work, we pledge to:


Giving back 10% of every $1 accumulated through our training work to local food banks and nonprofits

Support local suppliers to promote the economy

Do our absolute best to make sure we are hiring local experts within every state we work in

With these initiatives, and other organizational contributions, we are able to help communities throughout the United States through:


We offer free or reduced-rate safety training to nonprofits and schools to keep our community and workplaces as safe as possible.

Food Safety

By teaming up with local organizations and food banks, we are able to provide food for those in our communities who need it most.


Education is key when it comes to safety, which is why we provide free education to schools and parents in order to grow our community’s knowledge and understanding.

Volunteer Work

We regularly volunteer for food programs and nonprofits in our community that focus on women and children.

Are you with an organization that could benefit from our pledge? Or, would you like to support our community initiatives by contributing to our efforts? Fill out the form below to partner with us!

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