MSHA Trainings Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you’re searching for online or on-site MSHA trainings, Protected At Work ensures your business is meeting all federal regulations while creating a safer working environment for your entire team.

Our Perspective on MSHA Safety Trainings

At Protected At Work, we consider miner safety training more than a requirement that needs to be conducted to meet federal regulations.

Instead, we view MSHA safety training as an opportunity to demonstrate to your employees that you value their well-being while reminding them of the dangers inherent to the industry. We demonstrate this by using seasoned experts who bring real-life situations into the classroom. Our training encourages discussion on how to create a safer work environment that your employees can integrate into their daily workday.

Our mission with our MSHA trainings is to provide a platform to drive critical thinking around miner’s health and safety, all while satisfying federal requirements.

How Does Our Training Work?

We know it can be a challenge to integrate MSHA safety training into a hectic working schedule. That’s why we allow you to select the method of receiving training that works best for your business. We offer two options for training.

On-Site Training

Many benefits come from having an instructor on-site to engage with your employees, encourage discussion, and ensure that all questions are answered. For mines located throughout the United States, our MSHA-approved instructors will be more than happy to travel to wherever you are located and set up a classroom experience directly on-site.

Conducting your training on-site ensures that your miners gain all the benefits of a personalized experience while eliminating any wasted time and money that would come from requiring your employees to travel.

Virtual Trainings

Evolving social requirements and technological developments have shown the positives gained from conducting virtual meetings and trainings.  As such, we’ve created an entirely virtual MSHA mine safety training platform. Simply select whichever training your miner requires, and they can train during a time that is convenient for everyone. 

Our Training Courses

Currently, our on-site and virtual trainings consist of three different courses:
Before workers ever take their first steps onto a mine, they must complete their MSHA Part 48 training and obtain a Certificate of Training Form 5000-23. This training takes approximately 24 hours to complete and is applicable for all underground mines, surface coal mines, open pit mines, and some surface/non-metal mines.

MSHA Part 46 is an aspect of miner training that deals with documentation requirements for miners who work in non-metal and non-coal surface mines. The training is advised even for those who are not directly involved in mining operations (such as rank and file miners, supervisors, and contractors) and takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

Federal regulations require that surface mining workers complete a minimum of 8 hours of refresher training each year. Our Refresher Training ensures that all regulations are not only met but that your miners are kept up-to-date with the latest best practices to stay safe while on the job.

Get Started With Your MSHA Mine Safety Trainings

We would love the opportunity to work with your business to focus on your employee’s health and safety while meeting federal requirements.

In addition to MSHA trainings, we can create a custom package that fits your needs. Please reach out with any questions you may have, and we will look forward to developing a roadmap to help your business create a safer working environment.