OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training

Lower the likelihood of exposing your employees to hazards at the workplace while meeting OSHA requirements. Partner with our experienced trainers for your next OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training!

What Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training is designed to minimize dangerous exposure to hazards that lead to serious workplace injuries and illnesses. A proper understanding of the purpose and use of personal protective equipment reduces contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, and mechanical workplace hazards that typically result in injury and illness.

OSHA now requires that employers provide training and PPE to employees exposed to hazardous environments that could have detrimental effects on their health. Within our PPE training, we included information on:

  • When to use PPE: this enables employees to have a proper understanding of situations in which PPE should be worn.
  • What PPE is required: Different types of equipment and PPE are appropriate for different circumstances. During our training, we dive into what equipment is suitable for each kind of situation.
  • How to wear PPE: To work effectively, employees need to understand how to put on, take off, adjust and wear PPE correctly.
  • PPE limitations: PPE cannot always guarantee effective mitigation to risk. We take a look at instances where PPE will not be able to avoid hazardous situations effectively.
  • Proper maintenance of PPE: Employees are taught the best methods to take care of PPE to prolong its usage. We also take a look at when it is necessary to dispose of PPE.

Who Needs PPE Training?

In general, any employee who faces the risk of exposure to hazards that could cause injury or illness must undergo OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training. Ultimately, employers are required to determine whether or not their employees need to wear PPE and subsequently undergo training. To assess whether PPE should be necessary for employees and which PPE would best fit the situation, employers should always first conduct a hazard assessment.

The hazard assessment should begin with a walkthrough survey of the facility to develop a list of potential hazards. Once the walkthrough is completed, employers should organize and analyze the data to determine whether or not employees will need PPE, and if so, the proper type of PPE for the situation.

How Do Our PPE Trainings Work?

At Protected At Work, we believe that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training does not need to be an invasive experience that interrupts your standard working procedures. Instead, we do our best to integrate our trainings into your schedule through the provision of two methods of receiving training:

On-site Training

For any businesses located in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona, our instructors will come directly to your place of business to conduct on-site training. This brings a level of personalization and care that is unmatched with any other style of training.

Virtual Trainings

To provide the ultimate level of flexibility, we’ve pre-recorded all of our PPE trainings to create a virtual training platform. If you determine that it will be too much of a challenge to coordinate schedules and match availability for an on-site training, our virtual trainings provide an excellent alternative. These online trainings can be completed during the times that work best for each one of your individual employees.
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If you are looking to create a safer work environment for your employees, please contact us directly to arrange on-site training. Our licensed trainers have years of experience under their belts and provide an unmatched level of personalization to their trainings. Alternatively, you can view our selection of online OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training courses that fulfill all federal requirements while providing an even greater level of flexibility.