Advanced Workplace Safety With OSHA Outreach Training

Our authorized trainers will lead your employees through our OSHA Outreach Training course to help them gain additional knowledge about workplace hazards, health, safety, and worker’s rights.

Why OSHA Outreach Training?

In an effort to decrease the chances of workplace incidents and educate personnel about their workplace rights, we’ve developed, voluntary OSHA Outreach Training courses to companies and employees to help decrease the chances of on-the-job incidents and further establish a workplace culture focused on safety.

Since its establishment in 1971, the OSHA Outreach Training program has grown substantially and provides organizations with supplementary education about job hazard recognition and avoidance. This has resulted in a significant impact on industries with more than 5.21 million workers trained between 2016-2020. Our goal is to contribute to grow this number by continuing to properly train and educate employees in order to reduce the amount of workplace hazards and accidents that occur throughout Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

By collaborating with organizations like yours, we are able to create safe working environments and increase employee satisfaction. The deeper level of understanding your staff has, the more money you will save due to the increase of awareness and understanding through our curated OSHA Outreach Courses.

Our Types Of OSHA Outreach Courses

We offer two types of outreach courses: our OSHA 10 hour training, and our OSHA 30 hour certification. The 10 hour course is designed to educate newer, less experienced workers, while our 30-hour certification will provide experienced workers with more knowledge and training pertaining to safety hazards and workplace responsibilities.

To accommodate your employees’ busy schedules, both of these courses are available either on-site or online.

On-site Training

When it comes to safety training and education, there really is no comparison to having an instructor on-site. Our authorized trainers bring years of professional experience to you and your personnel during out OSHA Outreach Training. Whether you’re located in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona, our team is ready to accommodate your schedule and will travel to your business for these in-person sessions.

Online Training

We understand that arranging in-person training sessions can be a hassle to organize, which is why we provide comprehensive virtual OSHA outreach courses too.

Set your employees up for success with our online OSHA Outreach Courses by enabling them to work at their own pace. Our portal is set up in a way that allows you to track and manage your employee sessions with ease. Once the OSHA Outreach Course is finished, your staff will receive a certification of completion in their inbox.

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What To Expect From Our OSHA Outreach Training

  • Teaching personnel how to recognize, prevent, avoid, and mitigate workplace hazards
  • Using hands-on tactics to promote learning
  • Providing tailored training sessions based on your employee’s needs
  • Educating staff about worker’s rights and responsibilities
  • Training employees on how to file a complaint
  • Giving staff members a comprehensive overview of the types of workplace risks they might come across
  • Encouraging peer-to-peer engagement and participation

Start With Outreach Training Today

Let’s work together to create safer workplace environments. If you’d like to set-up a tailored training package for OSHA, MSHA, DOT , or a combination of courses, contact us today.