Comprehensive OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training

Our professional OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training teaches your employees how to respond to emergencies confidently and safely.

Why Do You Need OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training?

Even though workplace emergencies happen more frequently than we’d like, it is still a challenge for employees to stay calm and think clearly. Most emergencies happen with little or no warning, employers must ensure that workers know in advance what they should and should not do in critical circumstances.

Carefully developed emergency plans combined with sufficient training help ensure that employees understand their roles during emergencies and act according to the plan. Additionally, a planned and adequate response to an emergency results in fewer human injuries and less damage to the company’s facilities and buildings.

What are the OSHA Emergency Action Plan requirements?

To facilitate an organized response from both employers and employees during workplace emergencies, OSHA requires companies to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). EAP is usually a written document; however, for smaller organizations with 10 or fewer workers, the plan does not need to be written and may be communicated verbally.

OSHA outlines its EAP requirements in 29 CFR 1910.38 and mandates that the plan addresses emergencies that the employer may reasonably expect in the workplace. Examples of such emergencies include fires, chemical releases, bomb threats, severe weather conditions, medical emergencies, workplace violence, and others.

OSHA also requires that organizations provide compliant EAP training and Fire Exit Training for every worker, making certain that employees understand their roles and responsibilities during fires and other emergencies.

Why take our OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training?

Proper EAP training can save lives and businesses. It is critical that employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the company’s emergency plan and act in accordance with the plan when emergencies occur. Our OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training teaches employees exactly that: a safe and confident way to respond to emergencies.

Our comprehensive OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training covers:

  • Procedures for reporting fires and emergencies
  • Evacuation procedures and emergency escape route assignments
  • Floor plans with clearly shown emergency escape routes
  • Procedures for employees who must shut down critical plant operations prior to their own evacuation
  • Procedures to account for employees after an emergency evacuation
  • Rescue and medical duties for employees who are tasked with performing them
  • Names and job titles of people who can be contacted by employees for information about the EAP

Our Types of OSHA Emergency Action Plan Trainings

We provide convenient arrangements to serve various schedules and learning styles. Explore our virtual and on-site course offerings and study in a format that best meets your training needs.

On-site Training

We offer on-site trainings for companies located within the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Our instructors have years of field and teaching expertise and will deliver EAP and Fire Exit Training courses on your company’s site.

Online Training

Our online courses are completely self-paced and offer students the freedom to study anywhere anytime. The trainings are pre-recorded, allowing trainees to re-visit important parts of the course content and better absorb the training material.
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Professional OSHA Emergency Action Plan Training is essential to protect your employee’s lives from fires and other emergencies. Our practical EAP and Fire Exit Trainings fully comply with OSHA regulations and are taught by experienced instructors. Contact us to register in the course and ensure every employee on your team knows how to handle emergencies with confidence.