MSHA Refresher Training Program for Mining Companies

Protected at Work’s MSHA Refresher Training program ensures your miners meet all federal and state regulations while affording you the flexibility to choose between on-site or virtual training.

What Is The MSHA Part 46 Refresher and MSHA Part 48 Refresher?

Due to the inherent risks faced by miners, the Mine Safety and Health Administration has determined that safety regulations certifications should expire one year after they are issued. This means that in order to maintain compliance, all on-site mining employees much complete their MSHA 8 Hour Refresher training annually. This mandatory requirement is applicable for both MSHA Part 46 and Part 48.

The MSHA Refresher Training covers various topics related to miner’s safety, including hazard recognition and avoidance, emergency procedures, and respiratory devices, alongside many other subjects that provide miners with the knowledge required to develop sound judgment and safe working habits. On our journey to create the annual refresher training program, we have conducted extensive industry research, gathered insights from experienced miners, and summarized MSHA best practices.

What Is The MSHA Part 46 Refresher and MSHA Part 48 Refresher?

Any miner or mining supervisor who previously completed their MSHA Part 46 Training or MSHA Part 48 Training needs to complete the MSHA 8 Hour Refresher annually. The completion of this training is required in order to allow miners and mining supervisors the continued privilege to work on any surface or underground mine. This training is required for mines in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, as well as nationwide. MSHA Part 46 Training is referred to as New Miner Training. A minimum of 24 hours of training is required. The training hours are to be completed within 90 calendar days of your employee’s first day on the job.

How Do Our MSHA 8 Hour Refresher Trainings Work?

Even though refresher trainings require only eight hours, it can be challenging to incorporate MSHA Annual Refresher Trainings into the existing working schedule of your miners. In order to provide you with flexible alternatives to minimize the impact on production, we have developed two options that will provide your miners with the training they need.

On-site Training

As miners who undergo annual refresher training will not have had training for at least one year prior, top of the mind awareness for mine safety best practices may be diminished. This is why it is often ideal to have an on-site instructor conduct trainings and encourage discussion and interaction amongst your miners. For mines in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona, our instructors will travel to wherever your mine is located to set up a classroom experience that welcomes your miners to your business.

Virtual Trainings

In addition to on-site trainings, miners can also undergo an online MSHA Refresher through our virtual training platform. This option is especially well-suited for miners who already have a strenuous schedule and whose physical presence would be missed by their mining team. Many sites are in remote areas where virtual trainings make the most sense.
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Compliance With The Mine Safety & Health Administration

When you choose to work with Protected at Work, you choose to work with some of the best instructors in Nevada, Arizona, or Utah. Each of our instructors have completed their mandatory instructor course and have a minimum of 1 year of MSHA instructional experience. Not only are our instructors fully certified, but our complete MSHA Annual Refresher Training program has met all requirements and been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

In addition, each of our training programs have been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. This means that each of your new miners will receive their certificate of completion upon the finalization of their training. Miners who complete the MSHA Part 46 online training will receive a printable certificate of completion.

Upon your miner’s completion of the Annual Refresher Training, we will present them with their certificate of completion (for on-site trainings) or will provide them with a printable certificate for online MSHA Refresher trainings.

Complete Your MSHA Annual Refresher With Protected At Work

One of our greatest concerns is when we observe miners become lackadaisical while on the job. Considering that miners can quickly become accustomed to their daily routines and develop less awareness to their surroundings as their confidence increases, Annual Refresher Trainings play a crucial role in ensuring that miners are kept safe while on the job.

When you partner with Protected at Work, you are not only satisfying federal and state regulations, but you are also playing a critical role in looking out for the safety of your miners. Our MSHA Refresher Training encourages miners to practice continual mindfulness of safety protocols and a zero-tolerance policy for complacency while on the job. These reminders pay off by creating safer working environments that allow your miners to come home safe to their families.

If you are interested in arranging an on-site annual refresher training for your miners, then please reach out to one of our training specialists who will be able to provide further details about what to expect when working with Protected at Work.