DOT requirements to become a specimen collector are identified through 49 CFR Part 40, identifying the collection personnel, the collection sites, forms, equipment and supplies, plus the urine specimen collection.

Protected At Work has taken this to a new level by making it a three-part program to build confidence in the collector and eliminate costly collection errors. The qualification training, utilizes a self-paced manual to read, followed by quizzes to ensure the trainees’ comprehension.

Additionally, there is a two-hour video to assist the student with review of all the subject matter including demonstrations. Qualification training includes the steps necessary to complete a collection correctly; the proper completion and transmission of the CCF; “Problem” collections (situations including “shy bladder”, temperature out of range, tampering); fatal flaws, correctable flaws, & how to correct problems in collections; and the collector’s responsibilities.

This meets the guidelines for qualification training. Upon completion, a live webinar course (4-6 hours) will be scheduled to provide Q&A time to complete the proficiency training requirements to include the five observed error-free mock collections.