As expert safety training consultants, we strive to keep supervisors and employees protected by delivering extensive education through:

If you value your employees and clients, you will absolutely benefit from our safety consulting and training services.

Our Trainings

If your organization requires online or in-person safety training services, we have what you need to ensure your employees are well educated, up-to-date, and that your company stays compliant with government regulations. Through our training sessions, we are committed to helping your company reduce—and hopefully eliminate—the number of workplace injuries and incidents.


Our training includes: DOT/NonDOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors, Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Employees, DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training & Certification, and Breath Alcohol Technician Training & Certification.


We provide MSHA Part 48, MSHA Part 46, and MSHA Refresher Training courses. Your workers will receive valuable takeaways and knowledge which, they can easily integrate into their work day while developing a zero-tolerance for complacency.


We provide comprehensive OSHA training and courses to ensure your employees are able to identify hazardous situations and reduce the risk of accidents.

Company News

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Is Rural America In Decline?

America’s rural population is shrinking. In just a few decades,

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Our Main Industries

While we specialize in the mining industry, we provide online and on-site safety consulting & training services to dozens of other industries. By equipping your employees and supervisors with tailored educational classes, you can rest assured that everyone will be completely prepared for any situation that comes their way.

Our comprehensive in-person training sessions are available for organizations that operate throughout the United States.

Our Pledge to the Community

We care about our communities which is why, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility pledge, we want to give back and help in any way we can by:

Giving back 10% of every $1 accumulated through our training work to local food banks and nonprofits


Partnering with local organizations to provide volunteers, training, and education


Employing as many local experts as possible within every state we work

Are you involved in a local organization that could benefit from our community pledge?

Find out more about our Community Pledge and how to be involved.

Learn How Our Safety Trainings Can Impact Your Business

We have created a free case study where we take an in-depth look at the impact our “Collector and Reasonable Suspicion” trainings had on one of our client’s businesses. Download the free PDF to take a look at the topics discussed within the training, practical takeaways, and see how your business can experience similar benefits!

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